In Herand there is enough activities to fill many days. We have a cultural path wich is a must for å stroll in the norwegian nature. You can enjoi walks in the mountains, our exhibition center, a swim in the sea, fishing or just have a relaxing time in this beautiful litle village. For more information check out:

Hardanger Rom & Harmonium
Herand twards Herandsholmen
Herand river
Aple farming
Cloudy day in Herand
Boat in Herand
Harbour in Herand
Mount Samlen
Herand landscape
Herand landscape
Sheep in Herand 2
National touristrout through Herand
Sheep in Herand
Old powerstaition in Herand
Boat house in Herand
Quiet see in Herand
Rowing the hardangerfjord
Boat house in Herand 2
Kayaks in Herand
Old boathouse in Herand
Sheeps in Herand 3
Kayaks for rent Herand
Herand harbour
Restaurant in Herand
Dinner with hardangerfjordwiev
Herand landscape park
Public beach in Herand
morgon og kveldssol
Front of our house in Herand
Wiev from Hardanger Rom & Harmonium
Dinner wit hardangerfjordwiev 2